Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski was born in the province of Milan, Italy.

She graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature and is registered in the Professional Register of Journalists.

Through her work as a journalist and as the foundress and director of the portal, she attends to theatrical productions, art and culture.

Her commitment to the field of dance led her to write reviews and interview dancers, choreographers, art directors and collaborating Masters like Carla Fracci, Anna Razzi, Luciana Savignano, Luciano Cannito, Vladimir Derevianko, Frédéric Olivieri, and Vladimir Vasiliev. Due to this commitment in the name of Terpsichore, within the Morfoedro portal she has set up a "Terpsikhoros section" and three "Specials" dedicated to the Scala Theatre of Milan, the Massimo Theatre of Palermo and to dance in Naples and its neighbouring districts.

She furthermore achieved the project I Piccoli Danzatori del Teatro Massimo leggono, in cooperation with the Theatre of Palermo’s General Affairs Office.

She dedicated Volodia to Vladimir Derevianko, a cult book of the Pulcinoelefante publishers, and the poetic-photographic travelling exhibition Sussurri poetici per Vladimir Derevianko.

Strongly involved in the art of photography she wrote reviews of exhibitions and festivals, and interviewed among others, Douglas Kirkland, Gabriele Basilico, Mimmo Jodice, Giuliano Grittini, Rafael Navarro, Juan Travnik, and Katharina Mouratidi.

She was able to harmonise her passion for dance and photography by publishing an essay entitled L'Effimero in posa on the dance photographer Alessio Buccafusca, with an introduction by Vittoria Ottolenghi.

As of today her prose works and poetry have been published in newspapers and magazines, anthologies, in CDs and volumes. Among the latest are: Volto dietro la foschia (2003), I miei li chiamava passi (2003), Poi si spegne la follia e viene notte (2003), Cronografie (2004), Vergini sono i semi del vento (2005), A Vera che ha (2005), L'Effimero in posa (2008), Volodia (2010), Passi di bellezza – Beauty in Steps (2011).

Her poetic works have been interpreted through music, choreography, dance-movement-therapy, multilingual recitals, radio transmissions, experiential paths and exhibitions.

She has interpreted through poetry, internationally renowned musical works as those for the harpists, Floraleda Sacchi, on the occasion of the release of the Decca Minimal Harp CD, in 2008, and Vincenzo Zitello to whom, during his tour of concerts, she dedicated a compilation which was presented to the public in 2009 in the presence of the dedicatee.

With her poetry, she has furthermore interpreted the dance art of some dancers such as Luciana Savignano and Vladimir Derevianko. To the latter she dedicated the book Volodia and the exhibition Sussurri poetici per Vladimir Derevianko, as cited earlier.

Her works have also been promoted through intra-disciplinary round tables, meetings, recital-conferences and shows, at the Turin Book Fair, Florence Dance Fair, and throughout Italy and in Canada.


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